Super Sign LLC, located in Dubai, UAE, is a leading screen printing service provider in rhe UAE. A large number of various categories of printing solutions are available here. This company specialises in transferring vibrant and intricate designs to various surface materials, including plastics, textiles, metals, etc. The Super Sign LLC company used advanced technology to screen print techniques, making it precise, durable, and a and a commercial good.

This company offers a variety of screen printing options that are designed within an affordable budget. Super Sign LLC stands as a versatile and reliable partner in the Dubai market. From promotional items to corporate personalised gifts and artistic projects, they served the best items for customers. 

Super Sign LLC’s Screen Printing Range of Services Includes:

  1. Apparel Printing: The Super Sign LLC company provided custom-designed t-shirts for events, promotions, and personal wear purposes as well. They offer hoodies and sweatshirts with durable printing for the school and team. Screen printing for company and school uniforms is also available here, ensuring consistency and branding.

  2. Promotional items: various types of tote bags, backpacks, and others bags for promotional or retail purposes were offered. They provide customised caps and hats for team events. They offer screen printing on metal mugs and bottles, which is best for corporate gifts. 
  3. Banners: They provide high-quality banners for events, advertising campaigns, etc. They provide durable signs for indoor and outdoor use.

  4. Stationery: The Super Sign LLC company offers custom-printed notebooks and journals that are suitable for school, the office, promotional gifts. Screen-printed sticker products are available here for decorative purposes. 

  5. Others: printing on pilow, wall art, home décor, which creates a unique design, and electronic accessories like custom phones, laptops, and tech gadgets are printed here perfectly.

screen printing

Screen Printing in the UAE

Quality and Materials:

Super Sign LLC is known for its high-quality materials to ensure durability and vibrant colors. They work with a variety of fabrics and substrates


Super Sign LLC is a is a company offering customised solutions for clients. They provide exclusive designs for everything from corporate branding to personal projects.


Super Sign LLC utilises art screen printing technology and equipment. This advanced technology allows them to offer the best quality prints and helps them with large-scale projects. 

Review and Location:

The Super Sign LLC company’s reputation benefits greatly from the positive feedback and testimonials it receives. They offer delivery options across the UAE.

Pricing and Packages of Super Sign LLC:

They offer a wide pricing structure. Price structure can vary depending on complexity of design, types of materials, and volume of order. This company provides secure and special packaging for large orders. 

Customer Support:

The Super Sign LLC company prioritises its customers.They ensure satisfaction for every client and provide excellent customer support, which makes the customer experience totally awesome. 


The Super Sign LLC company offers a portfolio of their past work. Customers can view the portfolio and understand their capabilities and applications on screen in various fields. 

Super Sign LLC dedicates itself to making screen printing services a standard choice in Dubai, UAE.

Contact Number of Super Sign LLC- 971617486691