What is a Duct Marker?

duct marker

Duct markers are highly visible, contrasting color-coded labels. It is used to identify the airflow and equipment in a ductwork system. They can also mark the flow direction in an HVAC system. Our DW 144 (supporting BS 1710) and ASME/ANSI 13.1 color code label standards are available. It is available in a variety range of sizes and legends.

Ducts are conduits, passages, or spaces used in HVAC systems. They deliver conditioned air and extract foul air. This includes smoke, carbon dioxide, and airborne bacteria. They can also provide fresh air. They can be hard-lined, flexible, or a combination of both. They may also have insulation and metal lining.

Hard-lined ducts can be made from sheet steel, galvanized, or painted aluminum. It is also made from stainless steel, copper, or plastic. They can be rigid or flexible. They are typically insulated to reduce heat loss. This increases energy efficiency and improves indoor air quality. Flexible ducts are made from a flexible plastic liner. The liner is over a glass wool or polyester fiber insulation. It can be either round or rectangular.

Duct Marker

These types of ducts are used to distribute fresh air in office environments. They are also used in industrial processes and medical facilities. The ducts are often connected to a wall-mounted air register. The fresh or ventilation air is dispersed into the room or building from the register. They may also be a part of an exhaust system. The system removes fumes and gases. Examples include smoke, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen chloride.

A duct can transport gas, liquids, and air. They are usually lined with fire-resistant insulation. These types of insulation are typically manufactured for factory applications. Sheet-metal fabricators are used to pre-line ducts with automated coil lines. This reduced field installation time. They can also be fabricated as part of a system. This is an example of a stack boot and register head. They allow a vertical transition from a large or rectangular duct.

Plenum-rated duct markers are metalized self-adhesive labels. They have been tested to meet the requirements of UL E-84. It is the “Standard Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. They can be installed in plenum areas to help prevent the spread of smoke and gases during a fire. The visible contrasting color system makes them easy to read. The attached scored arrow markers help, too. The directional flow marking is identified without having to pre-determine it before ordering. The self-adhesive material allows them to be installed with minimal surface preparation. They are available in a variety of sizes and legends. The legends are available in both single and multi-lingual versions.

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